Dropping Spears and picking Bats for rights


Over the past few years, the warriors have dropped their spears and picked up bats, transformed a group of young Maasai Warriors from idle customary authoritarians into a highly potential Maasai Cricket team envisaged not only to play Cricket but also to bat out social injustices in the Maasai community.

They have been creating waves in the international community especially when they managed to play in the home of Cricket during the last year’s Last Man Standing tournament in London.
The project has been featured on Kenyan national and international television, prominent British newspapers and websites.

Recently, the Maasai Cricket Warriors were appointed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) as ambassadors for their ‘Think Wise’ initiative for AIDS prevention, which is a joint partnership between the ICC, Unicef and UNAIDS. However, the team need real financial support during this infant phase to help them build their trademark and be sustainably independent.

Some of their newly found partners have such as Cricket Without Boarders(CWB) have led several successful projects in the region by introducing cricket to communities and running temporary coaching clinics where over 105 certified coaches in Laikipia benefited from the training.  The newly trained coaches double as sources of information about reproductive health and  as well act as Agents of positive change in the community.

The unique Maasai Cricket Warriors story won a CNN award in the CNN Africa Sports Journalism Awards last year, while the team was also nominated for the prestigious global Sport and Peace Awards and narrowly missed the podium by ending runners-up behind an Olympic athlete.

In February 2013 the team were awarded the “Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme” for our activities to promote cricket and raise awareness about HIV and female genital mutilation, in the global 2012 Pepsi International Cricket Council Development Programme Annual Awards

Nevertheless, voluntary work is exhausting for individuals who are themselves just as poor as the receivers of their newly gained know-how. Despite the challenges, the warriors are maintaining the vision and are working hard everyday to keep the promise. They hope one day to have a self sufficient management so that they can run their campaigns more effectively.