To improve the social-cultural and economic situation and status of the Maa community through:

  1. To participate in and promote the Cricket, athletic and other sporting activities locally and internationally.
  2. To promote effective cultural and formal education through sporting mentorship programmes with cultural and formal schools and in partnership with other organizations.
  3. To document, disseminate and protect from exploitation the sporting and other intellectual property rights of the Maa community.
  4. To Influence and promote the preservation and development of the positive traditions, moral code and culture of the community, including sustainable utilization of historical monuments and sacred sites situated in Maasailand.
  5. To advocate for improved access, coverage and quality of health services by the Maa and other communities locally, nationally and internationally.
  6. To seek justice for the historical cultural and land injustices and continually stay alert to ensure the protection of the land, cultural and social rights of the community.
  7. To promote conservation and effective management of the natural environment and resources, within and without the community, including water, plants, etc for the sustainable benefit of the Maa communities.
  8. To promote effective conservation of wildlife and protect the accrued rights of the Maa communities emanating from their conservation of wildlife
  9. To promote and advocate for eco-tourism enterprise development in the national and local conservation areas across East Africa that are mainly found in the community’s lands.
  10. To participate in the formulation and implementation of the national and county policy and laws to ensure that the Maa communities are not further marginalized and disadvantaged.
  11. To mobilize all types of resources needed to achieve the operational objectives, goals, vision and mission of the MACWAT.
  12. To enter into any arrangement, co-operation, agreement or contract with any person, persons or legal entity which the MACWAT may think desirable and in line with the championing of its objectives, goals, vision and mission