To improve the social-cultural and economic situation and status of the Maa community through influencing the maintenance of the positive moral code of the community and defending its natural and intellectual property rights. By promoting effective cultural and formal education, eco-tourism, sporting and health activities for the betterment of the Maa community and the Nation of Kenya. Vision: A liberated, empowered and champion sporting Maa community.

CORE VALUES Objectivity ( impartial/ non partisan) in our engagement Respect for the cultural wisdom and natural benevolence Team work and collaboration at all levels of the organization Consensus building and effective participation (of the membership, partners and program beneficiaries. Transparency and accountability in all our dealings Innovation in our policy, strategy and action development and implementation.

INTENTION]We seek to promote, customise to change and protect the positive culture of our people. We realise the potential of our intellectual properties and we intend to benefit from. We hereby constitute ourselves as an organisation to secure, conserve our socio-economic heritage and culture for the prosperity of the Maa community and the nation’s future generations.

COMMITMENT]MACWAT is committed to improve the social-economic situation, address the social-cultural and economic wrongs afflicting the Maa community and promote and sustain spheres of good social order, influence maintenance the moral code of the Maasai community, defend the human rights, and effective natural resource conservation, use and management. Promoting education, eco-tourism, culture and language, livestock development, production and marketing  and other strategic socio-economic activities for the betterment of our community.

KEY ISSUES]HIV/AIDS awareness amongst youth, Combating gender discrimination Reducing alcohol and substance abuse Raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues amongst youth and children and contributing to peace building efforts and local development