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Awards won by our work:

Commonwealth Winning Photo

Commonwealth Winning photo of 2016,  ‘Batting moran’ by Amunga Eshuchi, Kenya

2012 I.C.C Development Global Winner for:
* Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme

2012 I.C.C Development Africa Region Winner for:

* Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme
* Best Spirit of Cricket Award
* Photo of the Year Award

The Maasai Cricket Warriors are acting as role models and ambassadors in their communities where they are actively campaigning against retrogressive and harmful cultural practices such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and early childhood marriages, which are contributing to the spread and increase in the cases of HIV/AIDS.

Who we are?

Laikipia Maasai in Kenya have exchanged their spears for cricket bats. They use cricket as a vehicle to transmit messages  against social injustices,  FGM and early forced marriages and wildlife conservation

To promote the desired positive change and development among our people through sports and community participation.

What we do?

The warriors utilises cricket as a vehicle of transmission for: 

  •  Creating HIV/Aids awareness through introducing, training and coaching new cricket groups,
  •  Targeting alcohol and substance abuse through cricket,
  •  Empowering Girls and Women through cricket,
  •  Building peace amongst rival communities through cricket,
  •  Using cricket as a way to spread messages about conservation and engaging children and youth in conservation activities.

Fighting all sorts of discrimination

The Warriros aim to improve the social-cultural and economic situation and status of the Maa community through influencing the maintenance of the positive moral code of the community and defending its natural and intellectual property rights. By promoting effective cultural and formal education, eco-tourism, sporting and health activities for the betterment of the Maa community and the Nation of Kenya.

Promoting leadership among Maasai girls

The Maasai Cricket Warriors are generating a lot of interest and they have been receiving positive media publicity. MCW uses this opportunity to promote the involvement of Maasai girls in cricket games. We believe that Maasai girls can make great leaders  given the opportunity and that sports provides a greater and democratic arena for nurturing leadership among our youth.

Our intention

We seek to promote, customise to change and protect the positive culture of our people. We realise the potential of our intellectual properties and we intend to benefit from. We hereby constitute ourselves as an organisation to secure, conserve our socio-economic heritage and culture for the prosperity of the Maa community and the nation’s future generations.

Maasai cricket warriors Trust (MACWAT) was registered in july 2013 in Kenya to oversee the organisation’s policy formulation, overall decision-making and implementation of strategy and programmes.

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