As the Trustee of the Maasai Cricket Warriors(MCW), even though I am so happy I got my warriors back, I feel there is a lot that the public need to know and has the right to know and I hope that The Maasai Cricket Warriors Trust (MACWAT) together with MCW continues to gradually share their experiences as they free themselves from the hands of exploiters, so that we can cause a precedent to be a reference point and prevent future exploitation of indigenous communities from happening. Personally, I will be blogging and problematising about these on a personal level in my upcoming blog so that I can open up the discussion not as a Trustee, but as a private and local #Errant Native from Laikipia. Bookmark this link if you want to to follow this discussion and support us to record this crucial history for posterity http://www.indigenoustravellers.com/.

But for now, let me just share with you why the MCW did not have a written binding agreement with their partners.  The first answer is that we have written agreements with some partners who we struggled to make them to eventually accept such a ”unique” condition. But we did not have written agreements with Olpejeta, and Last Man Stands because warriors were convinced that cricket is a game played by gentlemen and hence they expected that their gentleman’s agreement to equally benefit them in various ways, as they spread their social messages to in their communities, and around the world. Furthermore, it is evident that people have leant to take advantage of the Maasai indigenous people, through their generosity offered to their guests, invited or none expected, with open arms. Besides, our warriors are also less informed on how to handle complicated deals that require complicated binding contracts as these are done completely different from the Maasai way.

The public need to know why Maasai Cricket Warriors Worked Without Contract

Similarly,Part of the most significant obstacle that has been in front of us is not having local support from well-informed indigenous scholars. We needed a lot of support to make FREE, PRIOR AND INFORMED DECISIONS and protect us from exploitation. Me being far away from the grassroots meant that I could discuss a strategy with my warriors to make Ian Craig, Safaricom, LMS and Others to pay a standard fee for example, before they engage us, facilitation fee and participation fee but before I knew, I saw my warriors on the field participating without their real consent. I understood them even though I warned about the deception that I saw happening.

Although we know that enkongu naipung’o naa ninye eng’en- the eye that left the village sees far, but poverty has no shame as it makes people make bad decisions if those decisions provide them with a chance to live another day.

Also, in Kimaasai we say that merip oldia nkangitie are- a dog cannot guard two homes at the same time. Nemeramat engudi eulo boo- a yardstick from outside cannot shepherd inside a manyatta. That is partly how my Warriors were manipulated and massaged for perpetual manipulation… This betrayal has cost us a fortune…and it has been too painful and lonely.

Nevertheless, I am so happy I got my Warriors back even if we will not get restitution amu etojo apa makui, Naai iwa yieyioo oo pappa, niking’weki lesirit aai amu ninche alotie njorin- Enkai, you can take my mother and my father, but let me keep my warriors because it is with them that I accompany to battlefields.

I am satisfied with getting back my feathers!

Our Ancestors are celebrating.✊???????✊?