Dear Commonwealth,

We are so happy for this winning photo and for the gifted Photographer. The Maasai Cricket Warriors  (MCW) would like to congratulate our brother for a well done job in capturing this winning image and making our work visible inside and outside the Commonwealth community. Cricket is one game that we now realize that has its potential to really bring people of different categories together in a cheerful and sporty manner. MCW came to realize that Cricket families can spend a whole weekend on the pitch playing and having fun together. Cricket is also a powerful vehicle that MCW uses to transmit its social messages, not only to the cricket family, but also to the wider world. What a sporty and beautiful way of promoting diversity and inclussiveness  in the world.

Nevertheless, a picture like this one does not just happen. It must have been orchestrated long before the photographer captured the image. We must submit that, since The Commonwealth is promoting inclusivity in its boundaries, we as members of the Maasaicricket would have been prouder if  #CommonWealth did mention why this Cricketer is dressed in a non cricket traditional wear, which clearly challenges the known  of the game. MCW would  have loved to see Commonwealth helping the team which is tirelessly and voluntarily working against #GenderInjustices in commonwealth territory, by ensuring that they mention that this picture is a weapon against FGM, forced early childhood marriages, and all sorts of gender inequalities in the Maasai society.

Moreover, this group is even using their intellectual properties to ensure that their extinct threatened global treasures in the world is protected. For instance, Maasaicricket in collaboration with other conservationists, is a champion against rampant poaching of the endangered species such as Rhino. Since the Commonwealth is running an all inclusive campaign, it would have been truly all inclusive, if they mentioned #AntiPoaching campaigns that pictures like this from MCW are meant to promote. It is clear that the photographer has skills BUT, it is common sense that the subject in the photo has prepared the ground in its all dimensions, for a winning photo to be taken. This scenario makes it easy for the photographer to focus and trigger the shutter, with his brilliance and artistry, and create such a winning image.  

Additionally, Maasai Cricket Warriors Trust (MACWAT) think that the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that makes this image a winning one, should have given us a share of the prize without limiting in any way, the price that the photographer is entitled to.

For those reasons therefore, MACWAT believes that, it would have been highly supportive, if this voluntary group got recognition by Commonwealth, as such a gesture would tremendously boost the work of the MCW.

In general. our courage, design, lean bodies, fantasy of mixing two commonwealth cultures and generosity, made it possible for this gifted photographer to shoot this winning photo. We dress and play cricket like this so that we make a strong statement against gender inequalities in our Commonwealth fraternity. That is why we encourage Commonwealth to support us. We believe that Commonwealth should recognize this construct that the MCW have gifted to the commonwealth family and support us to eradicate gender injustices in our communities, create awareness and seek for a sustainable conservation method for our endangered global heritage, which is being destroyed by the human greed. We believe that doing so, will make the Commonwealth territories truly inclusive. Thank you for your support to helping us achieve our goals of fighting all sorts of gender discrimination in Maasailand.


Saidimu Ole Ngais

For the Management.

Maasai Cricket Warriors Trust(MACWAT)