This is the window and door of my house. No jokes… I know… I know… wonder, laugh, smile, or be surprised… or just go numb… but true, this is our home, the foundation of the campaign against FGM, the foundation of the Maasai Men against FGM Maasai Cricket Ladies
In this home, we wish to have better non-muddy windows and doors made of sweet smelling Oak and Mahogany.
Sure, we are going to get them too, our ancestor told us, Enkishon naa enayenguyengunye naimu oloipangi (Please translate this for me)…but that’s not what matters though. It matter less that the windows are muddy and covered with sisal sacks from USAID – and the door is made of

🙂 Oi Enkaiaai…

#BP Extra?

What matters most, is that we could break out of that window sack and yes, through that #BP door and not only be free ourselves as individuals, but also remain in the battle field to free the rest.

We refuse to be prisoners of that bad part of our rich culture. Yes, we use ourselves as pilot projects on this cause for gender justice.

We may be seen as astray through the eyes of those who are even more conservative and more blind than we are, but we have at least begun to make a path that leads our daughters and sons into a more just world.

Kudos to these little Warriors for standing out and keeping the faith Sonyanga MikeWeblen Ole Ngais Paragga Nais Ole and I should never forget to mention our little Simba, the last born who clean up all the sh** we left behind, the one who cooks for our parent, take care of the last born daughter, the only girl we could protect from the cut. The girl of whom we threatened our parents that we disown the mighty family name should they cut her! The girl who now scores straight As in her national school… I should not forget the guy whom The #Ngaisbrothers trusts to feed them with information about any niece of ours who might be at high risk of being cut in hide while we are away hunting and gathering for the rest of the family and relatives. The last warrior to break out of that BP door and those USAID windows, our little brother Christopher Lesikito Ole Ngais One Love Bro. According to almost all #NationsofAfrica , a Hyena is a disgusting and despised glutton, but there is something intelligent accredited to them, if the #Maasaimyths are any reliable: The Hyena says, It’s not that they are lucky to always find something to eat, the thing is that they never put their legs to rest… If Jonny did not take it, the slogan would have been ours! #Keepwalking….