The quality of every civilization, is judged by how it treats its female members


Maasai Warriors, we believe that we become even better men if we promote, gender equality. We refuse to be forced to marry off our sisters, or make them drop out of schools. We aspire to see our daughters become powerful Maasai women who helps to promote the Maasai way and build our society.

It is payback time for us the Maasai men and we are ready for it. We thank you Warriors film for supporting us to popularizing our social issues to the world so that good friends and well-meaning citizens of this world can contribute to helping the Maasai men fight against FGM. Our ambitions to achieve equal recognition and equal respect between our sisters and our brothers is strengthened by your support.

We are grateful to you that you continue to expand our imaginations from the village level into the global level. We are grateful that through documenting it, you have immortalized our struggle for a fair and just community because we know, the quality of every civilization, is judged by how it treats its female members. This documentary, shall become a founding knowledge source that we hope will inspire a follow-up as we progress with our cause. We look forward to screening it in our brand new sports house at Il-Polei until every single member of our community has seen it.

We believe that this is a masterpiece that will encourage change as we have set the precedence. We are so grateful to all good souls out there for helping us to spread our social messages and write a history, hence shape the destiny of our people.

Our partnership with willing friends such as Warriors film is paramount since it helps us to focus on solving our social issues for the greater good of our communities. We are excited that we do this through the wonderful game of cricket, that we love most.

The Maasai Cricket Warriors genuinely thank you all for your continuous support and look forward to developing further. We now invite you into our wild world of cricket in the jungle.

We share with you our dream of playing cricket at the lords, the divine home of cricket, and our inevitable struggle against FGM and gender discrimination in Maasailand. Welcome.



For the Maasai Cricket Warriors

Captain Sonyanga

July 13th 2015.