Despite their humble backgrounds, Maasai Cricket Warriors have been volunteering  wholeheartedly to promote equal recognition and equal respect in Laikipia Maasai Community.

As you may know, almost all our activities are based on voluntary work, ever since the inception of the MCW in 2007. We use our own means with support from our humble families to finance our social justice activities in our community as we set a precedence for equal respect and equal recognition between girl-child and boy-child in our community. Our mothers teaches us pure love, respect and generosity for everybody and so we shall ensure that our sisters also enjoys that love and respect by protecting her, so that she can enjoy all her rights as equally as the boy-child. We do this too, because our existence as a people depends on it. Thank you for helping us with our inevitable war against FGM because we know that all gender inequalities are related to FGM. Eradicating FGM means that the girl-children shall not be forced to drop out of school in preparation for early marriage and early motherhood. This directly translates that the girls can be educated, gain a bargaining power to choose her own path, when to marry, her own chosen husband and when to get her children. It translates to better health, better economy and better self-esteem. Simply, an FGM free community is a healthy, empowered and wealthy community.