Cricket Warriors brought up in hardship now fighting for equal recognition and equal respect between Maasai girl-child and boy-child.

As cricket warriors, we are brought up in a hardship environments with lots of natural and man-made injustices. We survived the worst parts as we grew and now we understood that we are knowledgeable enough to identify the problems and create solutions for them.

We count ourselves as the luckiest generation on earth, for this opportunity to be the abolitionists of our time in matters of FGM and gender inequalities. Despite the hardships, we were trained in the best Maasai cultural way possible, to make us loyal members of our beautiful culture, loyal to its roots and patriotic enough to reform it, whenever necessary, to ensure that it serves us better. And sure we shall keep the faith. This is why we need to continue informing ourselves, creating awareness of the issues affecting us, and in cooperation with friends and relevant authorities, create long lasting solutions for the greater good of our people. The MCW are working to eradicate all retrogressive and harmful practices such as FGM and gender inequalities from the surface of Maasailand. We strive to remove some cultural sanctions that hinder the Maasai girl-child from enjoying her integrity in childhood and lead her life in dignity. We shall continue to empower our sisters, so that we can be stronger together, as we protect the existence of our people and the good part of our culture. We sincerely appreciate every support you can offer us. In return, we offer you two gifts in one: a well informed and empowered indigenous people enjoying their human dignity, and two, a greater likelihood to keeping our highly valuable culture of Maasai alive for the benefit of humankind.