Thank you for your support

To all friends of Maasai Cricket Warriors (MCW), the crowdfunding community, the crew and in particular, our social media supporters, dear brother Barney! We are The Maasai Men Against female genital mutilation. We are the Maasai Cricket Warriors, who uses sports to reform our beautiful culture, remove the bad parts, and strengthen the good parts for all generations to come. On behalf of the entire team and our families, we encourage you all to continue supporting MCW just as the Warriors film has been doing for the last 2 years and which the result is now in front of you. Words cannot express enough, how proud we are of you Barney and the entire crew. Thank you all. To all our crowd funding community, you are our Superheroes and Sheroes :).  If you ever wanted to sincerely be part of the change in the world that will continue making you proud as a human being, then continue standing with us against FGM. The Warriors documentary has done a noble deed that will continue aspiring human rights achievements in Maasailand. We are grateful for immortalizing our role in the war against all sorts of discrimination in our community. We know our civilization is empowered, if we treat our female counterparts as equals and we are giving it all to see this happen. We know this because we are genuine agents of positive change and development in our community.