The real deal from inside…is hurting but #WeAreStrongerThanFGM . 

In our culture, 9 is a significant figure. 9 elders are this morning on their way to intimidate and put a curse on the family that is regarded as the guardians of #AntiFGM crusade in Laikipia. They are determined to trespass even after being warned that #AntiFGM campaigns are legally recognised by the Kenyan constitution that they have voted for. Anti FGM activists are only following the Kenyan law.
Cultural intimidation of Anti FGM activist in their own private homes continues. This is threatening.
So you know 9 #ProFGM forces visiting #AntiFGM family to lay curse for their long term campaigns against the retrogressive and harmful practices. We own our culture!
Our culture does not own us!

We fetch our strength from our constitution.