Good Friday and FGM free holidays
Friends, Happy Holidays to you and thank you very much for helping us in combating some social injustices partly sanctioned by the bad  part of our culture and partly by poverty and ignorance. Maasai cricket warriors use sports to educate our society and help shape our cultural reforms by eliminating the ancient sanctions that nolonger protect our community but rather harm it. With sports, MCW maintain the message of desired positive change and retain the hope of more equal society where the gender of children does not have to determine whether they receive their rights or not.
MCW believes that we are naturally bestowed the responsibility to help our community adapt the new fast moving  world and at the same time promote the best values in our culture. Your persistent support continues to remind us to not stop before the mission is accomplished. We remain committed and focused because FGM must be eradicated from Maasailand. We encourage every brother to stand up for their sisters. If we protect our sisters then we gain the courage to protect the neighbours’ daughter. We owe this to our sisters. Please watch out and prevent the cutting of our sisters and help them to continue with their education instead. This is the change we desire. Happy Holidays and Good Friday to you all.
Maasai cricket warriors.