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The Maasai Cricket Warriors have been helping support the ICC’s Think Wise HIV campaign for World Aids Day

The ICC worked with the Maasai Cricket Warriors to deliver a schools cricket tournament in rural Kenya that incorporated important messaging relating to HIV and AIDS.
Cricket against AIDS
Cricket programme has been used to target social problems in the Maasai community, such as the spread of AIDS. The Maasai are traditionally polygamous, which has contributed to the syndrome’s growth. “The teachers also taught us how to incorporate HIV/Aids awareness into cricket and coaching,” Nissan says. “I now integrate HIV awareness into cricket. I teach the ABC approach – Abstinence, Be Faithful and Condom Use. Abstaining from sex is like a batsman abstaining from hitting balls in the air so he is not caught. Being faithful to ones partner is like how batsmen must communicate to decide whether to make a run or not. And use of condoms is like how batsmen must protect their wickets.”
The event was part of the ICC’s long-standing Think Wise partnership with UNAIDS and UNICEF that has been seeking to raise awareness and reduce stigma around HIV and AIDS through cricket since 2003. The Cricket Warriors themselves are now becoming role models for the community.
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A video of the event can be found at the ICC website

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