By Brandie Tendai
In and About Africa
Despite being one of the smaller tribes in Kenya, the Maasai continue to dominate in their ability to draw international attention to the benefit of their people (seriously, who is their publicist?!?)!

This time they have come together to use cricket as a way “to promote healthy living, to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and women’s issues, and ultimately to become role models in their community and ambassadors for both the Maasai and Kenya.” Fully garbed in their signature colorful beads, this team of young Maasai have already made it to Mombassa for further cricket training and are now raising funds to attend a major tournament in South Africa.

I love these images with the pale gray background that allows their colorful style (not to mention, lean, toned bodies) to really shine through the shot. And just in case you think these guys are only hardcore about their cricket….this lovely final shot shows that they can kick back and have tons of fun as well….
Picture 90

Picture 91

Picture 92
Source:Out and About Africa