The journey of a young Maasai Warrior, Sonyanga, obtaining a university degree and developing into a inspiring African leader. Be part of his story.
“The eye that leaves the village sees further than the eye that stays” – ancient Maasai Wisdom.

My name is Sonyanga Mike Weblen Ole Ngais from Il-Polei, Laikipia, Kenya. I am a born Maasai boy. My tribal leadership made me a Warrior and commanded me to stand up because I became a man in their world. To be a “real man” is to fight for equity and justice, to be self-dependent and sustain an ecologically viable livelihood.

I have to a dream to bring positive change to my community, something we are working hard towards, as you’ll see. We fight against issue such as female genital mutilation (FGM), Aids and rhino conservation. In order to achieve my dream and more I need to put the foundation in place first, that means completing my tertiary education. This page is for all my supporters who are helping me on this journey. I intend to keep everybody up to date on all my experiences when I leave the sleepy rural town of Laikipia for university in Nairobi, Kenya.

I met the guys from AfricaBeyondAid (www.facebook.com/africabeyondaid on their journey through Africa. They believe sustainable solutions to African development requires leadership and education. We discussed my dreams of completing a uni education and working together we set up a crowdfunding solution to make this dream a reality.

To put this dream into context, below is a little story I wrote ages ago about my first years of education:

in 1997 I was admitted to Ilpolei primary school. I had to walk 6 km with three logs of firewood to school; some times elephants had to block me on my way to school more often. No matter how better I explained the cause of my lateness to my teacher, I had to be beaten mercilessly for being late and despite being young I never cried because in our community we say; “Meeishir oshi lewa” meaning men don’t cry.
The schooling years of my life were toughest. I struggled a lot with my studies. The standardised procedure of education was never interesting to me. More often than not I had to miss so many lessons as a result of me helping my dad to look after our animals since he had no helper. I was an average student throughout my academic life. Extra-curricular activities like sports, drawing, crafts etc were my favourite things.
I enjoyed understanding the concepts more than just memorizing reading-made notes. When I was young I had to go barefooted due to my naughty behaviour of loosing my shoes every now and then therefore dad punished me by not buying any more pair of shoes to me for a period of one month.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this journey…

By Captain Sonyo