MCW believes that cricket safaris is a resource that can help shape the livelihood of  the people of Laikipia and can be used as a powerful tool for conservation. Tourist usually frequent Kenya particularly due to wildlife and the rich indigenous culture such as the Maasai.

Imagine you come to the Maasai of Laikipia, not only to climb mt. Kenya, visit the wildlife sanctuaries, sleep in the 5 star hotels in the area, but to play cricket with us. Cricket provides us with a platform to conduct nature and cultural study exchange tours  with groups such Maasai cricket ladies, and other upcoming cricket teams in the area.

We envisage that all partners gain from such a sporty cultural exchange which is also significant for partnership in conservation.

The MCW are in the process of joining the travel2change ….

Below is what Travel2change writes about the idea.



Sports can change people’s life. It inspires. Unites people. Creates hope. It’s healthy and fun. Many travelers love sports. But most trips don’t benefit local communities. What if we use sports and travel to create a positive impact?
It doesn’t matter if you use the power of sports to tackle a social issue, give the local youth access to a sport or empower locals to benefit from sports tourism. Describe your idea for a meaningful travel experience related to sports.
Together, we can make travel meaningful for travelers and beneficial for locals.

Let’s travel2change!