The Maasai Cricket Warriors have gathered plenty of international support in its few years of existence, and has strong potential to be a standard bearer both within Kenya, and on the international stage. The team has received vast global recognition through media publicity throughout the world. The project has been featured both locally and internationally on television news through BBC, Sky News, CNN, ABC, AFP, Africa Journal and on various Kenyan news channels, as well as featuring in prominent British and international newspapers and websites.

Tourism in Kenya is synonymous with images of Maasai tribes, and any further international recognition will serve to boost the links between the Maasai and tourism.

The International Cricket Council’s appointment of the Maasai Warriors as ambassadors of their ‘Think Wise’ campaign has been a huge boost, and the players are extremely proud to represent their community and country in this capacity.

 The team has already successfully participated in the Last man standing tournaments and has made tremendous advancement in the documentary making and networking. The funds raised is aimed to providing partial or full scholarships to talented children in Class 8, to enable them to attend secondary schools with cricketing facilities, thereby continuing their education and allowing them the chance to continue developing their cricket skills.

Some of the funds will also be used to train coaches as VCT counsellors, so that they can double-up as cricket coaches who are able to conduct HIV testing and counselling amongst the players. This will contribute a big way in trying to manage the spread of HIV amongst Maasai communities.

The team’s participation in the tournament has created a ripple effect, whereby our project receives favourable publicity, but we are unfortunately yet to attains long and short-term financial security.