[accordions state=”open”] [accordion title=”Spears or Bats?”]Maasai Warriors in Kenya have exchanged their spears for cricket bats. They are using cricket as a vehicle to target social problems and to bring about positive change in their communities.[/accordion] [/accordions]
The Il-polei Maasai cricket warriors would like to bring positive change and development to our community  through cricket development and other sporting activities.We work to empower youth to participate in tackling social problems to bring about the desired change in the community.
The Maasai are among some of the poorest people in East Africa. As pastoralists they have limited access to education and health care and basic amenities that we all take for granted are scarce. The daily burden and toil of the Maasai consists of men, women, girls and boys of all ages walking miles each day in the fierce sun to find grazing for their livestock and in search of water and firewood for survival. Employment opportunities for Maasai youth are scarce, and without secondary education, which only a few fortunate individuals can afford, the youth face a bleak and challenging future. Please support one of our cricket activities by donating here
By developing cricket and sports amongst Maasai youth and children the aim is to empower the youth in Maasai communities of Kenya while enhancing their participation in community development, allowing them to become healthy, productive and well adjusted members of society.
Through cricket development amongst schools and youth within Maasai communities a platform is built to promote education and as a means of encouraging sustainable social change. This is achieved by focusing on developing personalities, improving life skills and reducing at-risk behaviour by broadening youths’ horizons, bridging social divides, increasing health-related awareness and providing participants with the tools to help them make the right choices when facing social challenges. Key issues that are being addressed include: HIV/AIDS awareness amongst youth, combating gender discrimination, reducing alcohol and substance abuse, raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues amongst youth and children and contributing to peace building efforts and local development.
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Ashe o’leng (Maa) / Asante sane / Thank you for your support and interest!
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