The biodiversity of Kenya is seriously threatened, mainly by human activities. In the larger Laikipia district, the direct causes of environmental degradation are linked to over-harvesting of trees for fuel, destruction of catchment areas combined with over-grazing of livestock as well as sand harvesting. However, the underlying causes of the threats are linked to a dearth of alternative revenue resources, lack of education and training opportunities, local poverty and demographic pressures.

Through this cricket development programme children and youth are afforded the opportunity to visit the Ol Pejeta Conservancy on outreach programmes that target conservation education. The children and youth will also be engaged in regular environmental clean-ups, tree planting exercises and recycling initiatives.

The conversion of biodegradable waste into combustible fuel briquettes is an alternative source of fuel that will reduce the need of felling trees for use in charcoal production and it will also generate valuable income for the youth. This is a project that we are currently engaged in and we are working on a pilot project to convert invasive cactus plants into fuel briquettes.


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