Dik-Diks of Tanzania traveled to Laikipia

Dik-Diks of Tanzania traveled to Laikipia

Through cricket development amongst schools and youth within Maasai communities a platform is built to promote education and as a means of encouraging sustainable social change. This is achieved by focusing on developing personalities, improving life skills and reducing at-risk behaviour by broadening youths’ horizons, bridging social divides, increasing health-related awareness and providing participants with the tools to help them make the right choices when facing social challenges. Key issues that are being addressed include: HIV/AIDS awareness amongst youth, combating gender discrimination, reducing alcohol and substance abuse, raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues amongst youth and children and contributing to peace building efforts and local development.

What They Need & What You Get as a Supporter

Ten members of the Maasai Cricket Warriors Team have been selected and offered the opportunity to attend a professional cricket academy for 2 months. The “Legends Cricket Nursery” Academy which is run by 5 former Kenyan International Cricketers is based in Mombasa, 800km (500mi) away from Northern Maasailand. The 10-man team have been invited to attend the academy complimentary provided that have raised the funds to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, meals and upkeep for the 2 months. The expenses for each player for the 2-month period is $300 which amounts to $3,000 for the team of ten.

This unique opportunity will enhance the development of these individuals and afford them the chance to improve their skills and to pursue greater heights in their sport. This will also be a well deserved opportunity for these young men to broaden their horizons and to have the experience of traveling beyond their boundaries and to see

the world in a different light.