“Warriors” is a documentary about the Maasai Cricket Warriors who, on the plains of Kenya, have incredibly formed a cricket team. They now dream of playing in the Last Man Stands World Championships in England – a pilgrimage of sorts to the ‘home of cricket’.

However, there is a darker heart to their journey. Their community is male-dominated, women have few rights – even to their own bodies – and HIV is both rife and stigmatized. In some cases children are married off in return for livestock or alcohol, and girls as young as 6 are circumcised. Indeed, beyond the initial pain & psychological trauma, Female Genital Mutilation causes considerable health problems and puts the girls at high-risk of infection.

The ‘Cricket Warriors’ feel education and change is the only way to secure the health of the community, provide equality to their society, and as a result protect their future. But this has been the Maasai way of life since the founder families, and the elders fear changing these traditions will herald the end of the Maasai. The struggle between identity, heritage, and development is something that resonates across the globe – even in the game of cricket itself.

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