Ten members of the Maasai Cricket Warriors Team have been selected and offered the opportunity to attend the “Legends Cricket Nursery” Academy run by 5 former Kenyan International Cricketers based in Mombasa, 800km (500mi) away from Northern Maasailand.

The 10-man team has been invited to attend the academy complimentary provided that we raise the funds to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, meals & upkeep for the 2 months. The expenses for each player is $300 which amounts to $3,000 for the team of ten.

Unique Opportunity
This unique opportunity will enhance the development of these individuals & afford them the chance to improve their skills and pursue greater heights in their sport. This will also be an opportunity for them to broaden their horizons, to have the experience of traveling beyond their boundaries and to see the world in a different light.

These Cricket Warriors are role models in their communities where they are actively campaigning against retrogressive & harmful cultural practices such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), early childhood marriages and fighting for the rights of women in order to eradicate discrimination against women in Maasailand. They are also promoting healthier lifestyles and spreading awareness about HIV/Aids.

How you can help
Those who wish to support the Maasai Warriors can do so by visiting the fundraising page of the Maasai Cricket  Warriors.