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Maasai Cricket Warriors

Maasai Cricket Warriors have dropped their spears for cricket bats. Our aim is to empower the youth to tackle social problems to promote desired positive change Laikipia Maasailand.


Cricket for Conservation



Cricket Against FGM


Cricket for Community Peace


Cricket Safaris

What We Do

Laikipia Maasai Cricket Warriors (MCW) in Kenya has exchanged their spears for cricket bats. They use cricket as a vehicle to transmit messages against social injustices such as FGM, early forced marriages and wildlife conservation. MCW  promote the desired positive change and development among their people through sports and community participation.

  • MCW use cricket to promote human rights. The warriors’ intention is to empower girls and women through culture and sports such as cricket.
     MCW combines the power of the Maasai indigenous culture and a colonial sport such Cricket to promote sustainable wildlife Conservation in Kenya. The team spreads the game into new frontiers through local schools and neighbouring communities, while utilising the opportunity to address social injustices in the community.

    Key issues that are being addressed include: 
    – HIV/AIDS awareness amongst youth; 
    – Combating gender discrimination; 
    – Reducing alcohol and substance abuse;
    – Raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues;
    – Contributing to peace building efforts and local development.
    Building peace amongst rival communities through cricket.

  • Objectivity ( impartial/ non-partisan) in our engagement.
  • Respect for the cultural wisdom and natural benevolence.
  • Teamwork and collaboration at all levels of the organization.
  • Consensus building and effective participation (of the membership, partners and program beneficiaries.
  • Transparency and accountability in all our dealings.
  • Innovation in our policy, strategy and action development and implementation.
  • Human Rights Warriors 80%
  • Sustainable Wildlife Conservationists 90%
  • Best Cricket Promotion 95%
The Last White Rhino male Standing

Our Achievements

Commonwealth Winning Photo

Commonwealth Winning photo of 2016,  ‘Batting moran’ by Amunga Eshuchi, Kenya

Development Global Winner

2012 I.C.C Development Global Winner for:
* Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme

Development Africa Region Winner

2012 I.C.C Development Africa Region Winner for:

* Best Cricket Promotion and Marketing Programme
* Best Spirit of Cricket Award
* Photo of the Year Award

Photo of the Year Award

Winner of the 2012 photo of the year

How to Support Us? Buy our Maasai Cricket Warriors Documentary

Warriors is a documentary following a group of young Maasai who, in a remote region of Kenya, have remarkably formed a cricket team. They relate the sport to their traditional hunting techniques – the ball is the spear, the bat is the shield – and their flowing red robes in full flight are an awesome sight.

Founding Maasai Women Cricket Teams

The Warriors’ main reason for engaging in the cricket game is to be in solidarity with their girl child counterparts. The end result is to empower the girl child against all sorts of discrimination in Laikipia Maasailand.

To achieve that, our responsibility, is to support the Maasai girls to create cricket teams so that they can play against each other, during school holidays as they receive and share knowledge about their rights.

Majority of the young Laikipia Maasai girls who are promising cricket players are currently school going. The warriors shall continue to act in their place, to manage their foundations until that time when they can take over and run their foundations themselves.  We hope to see them soon invite guests teams as they work their way up to play with the national team.

We look forward to take a step back, and only act as vision bearing councillors who can provide their services to the girls’ sports clubs when they require us to do so.

Maasai Cricket Ladies
The Maasai Cricket Ladies is one of the leading cricket women foundation that is founded by Sonyanga. Follow this link to support MCL and like them on Facebook.
Recruitment of second women team going on in Il-polei
Inspired by the well organised MCL, Maasai Cricket Warriors are now recruiting two more women teams in Il-polei. We look forward to seeing them play against each other in the near future.
Inter-national-Inter-Ethnic team
For the purposes a friendly and sporty meeting point, the MCW are also recruiting an inter-ethnic-Inter-national team. We hope to found a team that reflects the spectrum of our Laikipia county.